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Student Speaker Competition

Each spring the CMC3 Foundation honors one full time California community college student who has investigated a topic or application in mathematics. The selected student gives a 20-minute presentation on their work at the Spring Conference. That student also receives a $500 scholarship, made possible by a generous gift from past CMC3 president Debra Landre.

Submitting a Proposal

Submissions will be accepted through April 7, 2022.

The selection committee will review the proposals and make the final decision as quickly as possible.

Selection criteria will be:

The selected speaker will work with their Faculty Mentor to put together their final presentation, and will be rewarded with a scholarship. We look forward to receiving your proposal!

The conference registration is free for all students.

If you would like to be the speaker at the Spring Conference please submit a proposal. Submissions will be accepted until April 7, 2022.

2020 Student Speaker

We continue to be extremely grateful to Debra Landre, the long-time sponsor of the student speaker scholarship at Tahoe. Despite the fact that we were not able to hold the conference, we awarded the speaker scholarship to Sarah Redden, a student at College of the Sequoias, who was preparing a talk on Music Generation with Markov Chains. Sarah Redden is a sophomore at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California. She is an electrical engineering major who hopes to work in the Aerospace Industry. She was the CMC3 student poster winner in Monterrey this past fall and was selected to be a NASA Community College Aerospace student last year.

CMC3 Past Student Speakers

2021NoneNoneNo student speaker due to the pandemicNone
2020Sarah ReddenCollege of the SequoiasMusic Generation with Markov ChainsTracy Redden
2019Nathanael CaseSan Joaquin Delta CollegeHow the Euler-Lagrange Condition of Variational Calculus Comes from Multi-variable CalculusGurmuykh Singh
2018Gabriel FredericksSolano Community CollegePractical and Theoretical Significance of L-FunctionsJoseph Conrad
2017Christopher YangLas Positas CollegeTidal Forces and the Expanding Orbit of the MoonDr. Ruchira Majumdar & Dr. Robin Rehagen
2016Nick SaalSanta Rosa Junior CollegeSummation Methods on Divergent Series Dave Ohlsen
2015JoeAnna McDonaldSacramento City CollegeElliptic CurvesAlex May
2014NoneNoneNo Student SpeakerNone
2013Gabriel McHughSanta Rosa Junior CollegeΦ-Fi_Fo_Fum?
2012Jesse CohenSanta Rosa Junior CollegeAlgebra: A Student's Exploration of Space and Structure?
2011Andrew GabrielSanta Rosa Junior CollegeCantor’s Set Theory, His Opposition, and His Spiral Into Insanity?
2010NoneNoneNo Student SpeakerNone
2009Melissa ThawLake Tahoe Community CollegeThe Volume and Surface Area of the water in the Habital Zone of the Milfoil in Lake Tahoe?